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Help fund the food and care of Ringo, Aggie, DeeDee, Mork and Mindy by adopting them for one year.  Receive a photo of the monkeys, a digital certificate and two newsletters by email to stay up-to-date with them through the year.


This special package includes a dontation of £10 to the Madagascar charity Mikajy Natiora to help protect the natural habitat of the lemurs.

Ring Tailed Lemurs Family (Digital, 1 Year)

  • Lemur Family (Lemur Catta) 


    Ringo (dob. unknown) was brought to Lakeview from an animal collection that closed down. Not much is known of his background but he is a very sweet natured lemur. Although his age is not known, he can be a little cautious especially on any branches that move. In 2015, Ringo became the father of DeeDee which was a complete shock as he had undergone a vasectomy the year before! 

    Aggie (dob. unknown) was brought to Lakeview by a specialist wildlife rescue organisation. Her background is very unclear but she is certainly the leader of her family group. She is always the first to spot anything to eat or any dangers that maybe about. She reacts to any birds of prey with loud alarm calls that can be heard throughout the woodlands, especially when the other lemurs join in.

    DeeDee (dob. 2015) was a very unexpected arrival, but has proven to be a wonderful young lemur, full of bounce and energy. She moves around her enclosure with ease, negotiating static and dynamic branches with equal aplomb.

    Mork and Mindy (dob. 2016) ‘The twins’ two males, are extremely agile and move with lightning speed, bouncing on, over and around any object in their way. 

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer automatic renewals.  We will email you a reminder shortly before your adoption runs out and kindly ask you to renew through puchasing again here.


    Alternatively, you can setup a recurring donation on our donations page.

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