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About Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary

Everything we have here at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary is the legacy of Oscar, our first rescued monkey. We were both working as keepers at Windsor Safari Park when Sharon spotted a newly born crab-eating macaque being attacked by the rest of the troop. The mother was too weak to defend herself and her baby so Sharon stepped in and saved his life. Our journey into primate rescue had begun! We have now been working with primates for more than 40 years. Over that time Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary has rescued more than 50 monkeys, mostly through referrals from national and international agencies.

After many years of searching for the right location, we found a tranquil English woodlands where we have created a forever home for rescued primates, from the UK and International primate pet trade, laboratories, circuses and zoos. 

Monkeys and lemurs in distress are rescued, re-homed and rehabilitated. With care, patience and kindness, we try to help them recover from the psychological and physical trauma they have suffered over the years.

Some of our primates have endured terrible suffering for over 20 years, having been deprived of their basic needs of companionship, the correct nutrition and veterinary care, leaving them needing round the clock attention. To rescue these beautiful creatures and nurse them back to physical and mental health, is our prime focus. 

Our mission is to: 

  • Rescue
    We travel the country in response to phone calls from other rescue organisations and individuals to reach monkeys in distress.


  • Re-home
    Once a monkey has been rescued, he is brought back to Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary where he can live with his own kind.


  • Rehabilitate
    Monkeys suffer trauma and distress as much as we humans do. To rehabilitate these wonderful creatures takes time, patience and kindness, all found at Lakeview.

As part of this mission, we are not open to the general public, as we believe that the primates in our care have the right to peace and tranquillity and time to be with their own kind. 

Directors Jimmy & Sharon Shaw

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