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Help fund the food and care of Jangles and Diadiby adopting them for one year.  Receive a photo of the monkeys, a digital certificate and two newsletters by email to stay up-to-date with them through the year.

Grivet and Green Monkey (Digital, 1 Year)

  • Jangles and Diadi (grivet monkey/ chlorocebus aethiops and green monkey/chlorocebus sabeus)

    Jangles {dob.22/05/1995) and Diadi (est. dob. 2007/2008) live together in an enclosure in the woodlands.

    Jangles was confiscated by the authorities from a zoo in 2021. Not much background information is known about him apart from his originally coming from Devon with his brother to the zoo in 2007.

    Jangles and Diadi seem to have bonded well together, with no aggression seen by either at any time. Jangles is very protective of Diadi and will always run to her side if he thinks there is any danger.

    Jangles is very agile but can get spooked easily. He will alarm call when birds of prey fly over or deer and foxes appear out of the undergrowth in the woodlands.

    Diadi was confiscated from a private owner by the Spanish authorities and was temporarily housed at a zoo. Sometime later Diadi, her partner and some other animals were transported together to a Dutch rescue organisation before she came to Lakeview as a companion for Jangles.

    Diadi is very agile but can be cautious of new things, but once she gains confidence, she will explore for some time. Diadi is very curious of her surroundings and will spend time looking up at the birds and squirrels scurrying around in the trees near her enclosure.

    Diadi loves to forage so nuts, seeds and browse are often hidden throughout her enclosure.

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer automatic renewals.  We will email you a reminder shortly before your adoption runs out and kindly ask you to renew through puchasing again here.


    Alternatively, you can setup a recurring donation on our donations page.

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