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Help fund the food and care of Minky, Nobby and Nana by adopting them for one year.  Receive a photo of the monkeys, a digital certificate and two newsletters by email to stay up-to-date with them through the year.

Crab Eating Macaques and Rhesus Monkeys (Digital, 1 Year)

  • Nana, Nobby & Minky (Crab Eating Macaques, Macaca Fascicularis and Rhesus Monkeys, Macaca Mulatta)


    Minky was born at Lakeview in 2007, breaking our strict non breeding policy for the first time in 25 years.

    Minky’s mother, Tazz, tried to kill her soon after birth so the difficult decision was made to remove Minky and hand rear her. After 18 months of intensive, 24 hour attention Minky was ready to live with the other monkeys. She shares an enclosure with Nobby and Nana and loves to groom and socialise.

    She is lightning quick and if anything is left within reach, she will grab it and go. Extremely clever, Minky can work out problems and loves to watch any work being carried out.

    Nobby’s (dob. est. 1988) home for 21 years was a flat in Essex, where he was kept as a pet. Shut behind a glass door in an alcove, Nobby had no opportunity to exercise and no access to the outside or mental stimulation, leading to his small physical stature.

    Nobby was brought to Lakeview in 2008 and took to his new found freedom with gusto. Although small in stature, Nobby has an engaging personality and appears to love life. He can often be spotted on the floor of his enclosure, lying on his back with his legs in the air, in complete relaxation mode!

    Nobby lives with Nana and Minky, who he took under his wing straight away. He tolerates her climbing all over him, trying to steal his food and making a nuisance of herself. At the end of a busy day though, the three monkeys can be found curled up in front of their heater as they settle down for the night.

    Nana is thought to have been born in 1989 in a German zoo, before being sold as a pet. After becoming too large to handle, she was moved to an animal shelter with her companion Kiko, before being rescued by a Dutch organisation. After waiting for a suitable home to be found, Nana and Kiko arrived at Lakeview in 2012. Sadly, Kiko died in 2016, so Nana now lives with her companions Nobby and Minky, who all get on famously; grooming, sunbathing and snuggling together under their blankets at night. 

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer automatic renewals.  We will email you a reminder shortly before your adoption runs out and kindly ask you to renew through puchasing again here.


    Alternatively, you can setup a recurring donation on our donations page.

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