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Capuchins (Digital, 1 Year)

  • Capuchins Gizzy & Davidson - Cebus appella


    Gizzy (dob. est. 1998) was bought from an animal dealer by her former owner as a pet and lived for 22 years in a tiny cage on a farm in Scotland. Starved of primate companionship and suitable nutrition, when first rescued Gizzy exhibited stereotypic behaviour and various medical needs.

    Gizzy is a highly intelligent monkey who loves to be busy hunting for bugs or working out problems. When given nuts in their shells Gizzy takes them to her special corner where she has a log she uses to balance them on. She then takes a stone and bashes the shell until it cracks.

    Gizzy’s soul mate is Davidson, a very handsome male Capuchin who absolutely adores her. If danger is spotted he rushes to her side to make sure she is ok. From living alone for the majority of her life to sharing her enclosure with a creature who speaks the same language, Gizzy’s life couldn’t be more different.

    After living for many years in a small zoo, Davidson (dob. est. 2001) found himself surplus to requirements and in need of a new home. A lovely monkey, full of character and inquisitiveness, Davidson was the perfect partner for our female Capuchin Gizzy, who had been rescued a few months before.

    Upon arrival, Davidson was placed near to Gizzy, so they could start their acquaintance. Gizzy wasn’t pleased, as she wanted to be with him immediately and didn’t want to wait! After a period of quarantine and health checks, the introduction was made. Gizzy flew into Davidson’s arms and he behaved beautifully, cuddling, grooming and chatting.

    Davidson is very protective of Gizzy and will rush to her side if he thinks there is any danger. He is also an extremely intelligent monkey who likes to be kept busy and active. He will use large rocks to bash any tough nut or enrichment item that is placed in his enclosure and will persevere until the end result is achieved.

    Davidson and Gizzy are now companions for life.

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