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Help fund the food and care of Tina, Simone and Olive by adopting them for one year.  Receive a photo of the monkeys, a digital certificate and two newsletters by email to stay up-to-date with them through the year.

Baboons (Digital, 1 Year)

  • Tina, Simone, and Olive (hamadryas baboon/papio hamadryas)


    Tina was the victim of the primate pet trade in Cyprus. Originally, she was bought as a pet in Israel and sent to Cyprus, where she lived with her owner until she became too big and difficult to handle. Because of this, Tina was handed over to a donkey sanctuary where she lived for 5 years with a German Shepherd dog as a companion.


    In 2011, Tina’s life changed forever when she arrived at Lakeview and was introduced to a lovely male baboon, who had been confiscated from a circus. The two baboons lived together harmoniously for 10 years before Tilin sadly passed away due to old age.


    After searching far and wide for some companions, Lakeview, were eventually able to introduce Tina to her new family, Simone, and Olive. After an initial settling in period, the three girls now live happily together, with Tina and Simone becoming inseparable companions.


    Simone was confiscated with her son, from a French circus by the authorities and transported to a Dutch rescue centre. Whilst at the centre, a one-year-old baboon, Olive, was introduced to her. She immediately bonded with the young female and became her surrogate mother.


    Simone is very protective towards Olive and will rush to her side if she thinks there may be danger or Olive screams a warning.


    When Tina, Simone and Olive were introduced, the two older females became inseparable. Wherever Tina is, Simone will follow, spending time grooming and resting together.


    Olive was found alone in a private home in France in 2019. She was rescued by the authorities and taken to an animal rescue shelter in the Netherlands. There she was introduced to Simone who became her surrogate mother.


    Olive is very agile, full of curiosity and is on the go all day, she wears out her two companions Tina and Simone! To keep Olive occupied and mentally stimulated, she is offered a myriad of enrichment opportunities to test her both physically and psychologically. She loves to carry and throw large balls around her enclosure as well as engage in a variety of activities!

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer automatic renewals.  We will email you a reminder shortly before your adoption runs out and kindly ask you to renew through puchasing again here.


    Alternatively, you can setup a recurring donation on our donations page.

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