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For more than thirty years we've rescued primates from the pet trade, circuses and laboratories and brought them back to Lakeview where we've given them a second chance in their forever home. We believe that the animals in our care have the right to peace and tranquillity and time to be with their own kind.  Please support our work by adopting or making a donation.  Thank you.

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Gain a unique insight into these fascinating creatures while helping to improve their lives


It takes £1,000 per year to look after each monkey. 

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Our objective is simply to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate.

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Get in touch by email or through Facebook.

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In 2011, Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary were honoured to become an inaugural partner in the European Alliance of Rescue Centres and Sanctuaries and wholeheartedly support the ethos of collaboration between organisations to promote the highest welfare standards for captive animals in sanctuaries and rescue centres within Europe.

In March 2023, Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary were delighted to be awarded the status of Verified, by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). Verification means that Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary has met the criteria of a true sanctuary and is providing humane and responsible care to its animals.

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