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Gizzy - Capuchin (Digital, 1 Year)

  • Gizzy (dob. est. 1998) Capuchin (Cebus appella) was bought from an animal dealer by her former owner as a pet and lived for 22 years in a tiny cage on a farm in Scotland. Starved of primate companionship and suitable nutrition, when first rescued Gizzy exhibited stereotypic behaviour and various medical needs.


    Gizzy is a highly intelligent monkey who loves to be busy hunting for bugs or working out problems. When given nuts in their shells Gizzy takes them to her special corner where she has a log she uses to balance them on. She then takes a stone and bashes the shell until it cracks.


    Gizzy lives very happily with Davidson in a woodland enclosure, but after so many years of unsuitable living in her past life, she bears the psychological scars, as she has alopecia. To support Gizzy’s mental health needs, she is provided with a variety of stimuli including enrichment activities that keep her focused and busy and always happy when she receives a tasty treat at the end of all her hard work when she figures out how to retrieve the items. 

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